fiawol (fiawol) wrote,

Art from San Diego convention...

Finally getting around to making my own scans of show sketches
I was able to get from people at the con this year. Some pretty nice
stuff, and even a vintage illustration by Joe Shuster which fit
my "Dancing Girl" collection theme.

This is the "work safe" folder, and has art by Joe Shuster, Scott
Morse, Dean Yeagle, Gary Ham, Ben Caldwell, Stan Sakai, Lea
Hernandez, Whilce Portacio, Jim Silke, Dave Johnson, Adam Warren,
Fred Perry, Karen Krajenbrink and Scott Ruggles...

This is a link to the "nudes" folder, and has work by Dean Yeagle,
Karen Krajenbrink, Joe Benitez, Dan Brereton, Richard Moore, Miravi,
Joel Adams, Jim Balent and Eddie Perkins...

It was great to meet ruggles, kayjkay, atomicpanda, divalea,
and get art from each of you. Met in passing amegoddess, bobguthrie,
doronjosama, matthigh and philfoglio.
Left messages for missmonstermel at the Radio table, but was never able to catch up
with her while she was at the con. :-(

I had a great time at the show again, even though there's
just TOO many things going on there to ever hope to find
all that you want to see. For those going there again next year,
I highly recommend checking out the Balboa Park area in San Diego.
Right next to the Zoo, it has about 15 different museums you can
visit, and this year I was able to see a Maxfield Parrish exhibit
at the San Diego Museum of Art. Tuesday is "free admission" day
for many of the exhibits, I found that out by happy coincidence.

Anyone reading this going to Wizardworld Chicago or Gen Con
in a few weeks?

Dave M.
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