fiawol (fiawol) wrote,

Wizardworld Chicago sketches posted...

More convention sketches posted, this time from Wizardworld Chicago.
I was taking things easy this time, so just a few pieces for myself, plus some things I was picking up for some friends. Art includes Adam Hughes (the one "nude" piece, people at work beware!), Tim Vigil, Robert DeJesus, Alberto Ruiz, W.C.Carani, Cat Staggs, Andy Lee, Carla Speed McNeil and Chad Spilker...

Had a nice time at the con, it's still a lot easier to find artists there than it is at San Diego, and most of them (well, except for the ones like Jim Lee and Alex Ross) you can actually spend some time talking with. Hope they have as nice a guest list next year as they had this year. Now off to Gen Con and Dragon Con!
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